holorc, holorc.d - configuration file for holo(8)





The holorc file defines which plugins will be loaded and used by Holo, and in which order. Blank lines, and comment lines starting with a # character are ignored.

Non-blank and non-comment lines can be of one of two forms:

plugin $PLUGIN_ID

where $PLUGIN_ID is the alphanumeric identifier of the plugin, and $PLUGIN_BINARY is the path to the plugin executable file. If the form without an explicit $PLUGIN_BINARY is given, then Holo will use a default value of


The plugin identifier is encoded in several paths that are relevant for the plugin:


Unless $PLUGIN_BINARY is explicitly specified, this is plugin executable is installed at.


Configuration packages install resources for this plugin below this directory.


The plugin stores its persistent state at in the directory.

The holorc file can also be provided as snippets in /etc/holorc.d/*. Snippets will be parsed in alphabetical order, before the actual /etc/holorc is parsed.


Plugins are encouraged to add themselves to /etc/holorc at install time by installing a holorc snippet. For example:

$ cat /etc/holorc.d/20-users-groups
# This file is part of the holo-users-groups package.
plugin users-groups


holo(8), holo-plugin-interface(7)


Stefan Majewsky

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